Dubstep Dinosaurs 3D

A year in the making, Dubstep Dinosaurs 3D is the sequel to the prehistoric original of the same name. This project has been built completely in a virtual world using the Unreal Engine and continues Reed + Rader's bold adventure of sculpting virtual environments to create films. From trees to textures, the environment was created from the ground up along with the motion capture and textures for the characters. Take a journey back to Cretaceous times with us where the tunes were large and the dinosaurs raving. We aren’t fortunate enough to have audio recordings from the time of the dinosaurs but if we could take a time machine back and listened very carefully this is what it would sound like.

Reed + Rader is most well-known for our fun work with GIFs in fashion but a few years ago we decided to expand beyond collage backgrounds and into 3D. We started by experimenting with using gaming engines to design environments for our films. When people hear the word “game” as in gaming engine a lot of them think of simulated computer deathmatches and there is some merit in that because gaming engines are environmental and graphics frameworks for creating 2D and 3D games. However, we want to take gaming engines beyond shooters and use their power to create uncanny environments to tell stories. The original Dubstep Dinosaurs was conceived years ago as a scrolling music video of dinosaurs dancing on white backdrop (dubstepdinosaurs.html) and we wanted to make a sequel but this time completely in 3D. Ever since we can remember, people have always told us that they wish they could “exist” in an R+R world and originally we weren’t sure what that meant but now with the use of gaming engines we are starting to realize that possibility.

Dubstep Dinosaurs 360°

Interact with this immersive 360° version of Dubstep Dinosaurs 3D on YouTube 360. Explore by dragging your mouse around on your computer with Chrome or use the YouTube app for Android on your smartphone to look around. Rereleased in immersive 360° video, Dubstep Dinosaurs 360° takes you back to cretaceous times again.

Directed By: Pamela Reed + Matthew Rader
Music By: Vacate
Environmental Artist: Pamela Reed + Matthew Rader
Character Artist: Pamela Reed + Matthew Rader
Level Designer: Pamela Reed + Matthew Rader
Motion Capture Cleanup: Pamela Reed + Matthew Rader
Cinematic Director: Pamela Reed + Matthew Rader
Special Thanks to: Matthew Cornelius, Steven Gehrhardt and Amanda Rodriguez

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